Hormone Balance Evaluation

Many patients with cardiovascular disease, especially women ages 30-65, and men ages 40-70 have disrupted hormonal balance. The complex relationship between cortisol, our main stress hormone, insulin, our main metabolic regulator, and estrogen, progesterone and testosterone, our reproductive hormones deserves a focused personalized approach. In addition, thyroid imbalance, including functional hypothyroidism, is closely linked to the above mentioned hormones. All of the hormones are strongly impactful to lipid and glucose metabolism, gut health, and overall inflammatory response.

Using advanced saliva, blood and urine testing, and basal body temperature logs, our practitioners focus on hormonal balance as a key factor in achieving optimal vascular health.  Restoration of the hormonal balance, as evidenced by weight loss, recovery of healthy endothelial function, energy and vitality, and prevention of further atherosclerotic vascular disease progression are the goals of the Hormone Balance Evaluations. 

Recognizing an important role of botanicals in hormonal optimization as well as judicious use of bio-identical hormones, our experts include naturopaths, nutritionists, and bioidentical hormone therapy physicians. Vitamins, supplements, and functional foods are integral components of our programs. All programs are physician-supervised.

  • The following features are specific to the Hormone Balance  Evaluation:
  • 5 hours total
  • Genetic analysis may be required
  • Advanced lipid, inflammatory, metabolic and hormonal evaluations are required
  • Basal body temperature measurements are required

Many of our patients start with an Integrative Cardiac Care or a Functional Medicine Consult, and progress into Hormone Balance Evaluation or Fit In Your GENES program. You can find one of our expert practitioners using Find a Practitioner, to engage in a face-to-face, or a virtual consultation. A peer-to-peer referral from your doctor may be required for a virtual visit. Please, explore our patient Webinar Library or Case Studies, or Contact Us if you need assistance.